Quality & Approvals

At Ferro FPF, we believe success of an efficient Quality Management System is achieved only by the collective and continuous hard efforts of all departments as one and as a confidently expressed value of responsibility. Our key operational objectives and standards are concentrated around the interest of our employees, customers, suppliers & quality of products from raw materials to finished products.

We have implemented an effective quality management system based on our long term experience in piping industry and in line to the standardized procedures of ISO 9001:2015. Our quality system overarches every activity in project management, procurement, stocking, supplychain, supplier & client communication etc. to ensure highest of quality and satisfaction level in our piping materials and services.

Our quality procedures and standards are audited and approved by various international agencies and end users. The maintenance and implementation of such a highly standardized quality system within our organisation is providing an optimal operational performance benefitted directly by our customers with reduction in time, cost, documentation and manpower.

QMS and its effectiveness is continuously reviewed, improvised and adapted to changes making the process system more qualified for an enhanced customer satisfaction and to ensure our commitments are never compromised in all levels.